N-95 Fit Testing FAQ

Q:  Why are we implementing this fit testing program now? 

A:  The pandemic required healthcare providers around the country to take all necessary and precautionary measures possible to remain ready and able to immediately respond to the public health crisis, increasing the urgent need for respiratory protective equipment across the nation. In response, we rolled out a “just-in-time” implementation of N-95 respirators to effectively respond to COVID-19.  Initially we used the seal check procedures for testing. We had been a primary PAPR organization but needed to adjust quickly when the pandemic hit. 

Q:  Are all clinical staff being testing? 

A:  Due to the pandemic, Kettering Health Network is fit testing additional staff other than those who would normally be required to wear an N-95. Fit testing is happening in two phases. The first phase is focused on areas at risk for high exposure to COVID-positive patients. Phase 2 will encompass all other areas needing testing.  

Q: What is the process that employees need to complete in order to be tested? 

A:  This is a multiple-step process for employees to be tested: 

  1. Citran will send to the employee’s work email (the email address listed in UltiPro provided by IS) a personalized link to the OSHA questionnaire. 
  2. Employee will complete the questionnaire. 
  3. Citran’s provider will review the completed questionnaire and will call the employee if any questions were answered “yes” to ensure the employee can be cleared.  
  4. Once the employee speaks with the provider and the employee is cleared, a scheduling link will be sent to the employee from the EHPrograms@ketteringhealth.org mailbox. 
  5. The employee must click on the link and schedule their appointment. 
  6. The employee will attend their appointment and be fit tested. 

Q:  Does the employee have to fill out the OSHA Medical Questionnaire prior to fit testing? 

A:  Yes, the medical questionnaire helps Employee Health to decide if the employee is a good candidate for N-95 fit testing. Once the OSHA Medical Questionnaire is reviewed by our partner, Citran, the employee will be advised of next steps: further medical clearance or scheduled for fit testing. 

Q:  How will the sender appear on the email, and what will be listed as the subject? 

A:  The email will show the sender as noreply@citranocchealth.com. The subject of the email will be OSHA Respirator Questionnaire. 

Q:  I have an employee who can’t find the email. What needs to be done to get them the email? 

A:  The employee should check all folders for emails received on the day the email was sent.  The sent date can be found on the reports under the category of “Needs to Complete Questionnaire” section.  If they are unable to locate the email, the employee’s leader can send an email to Nathanael.Torres@ketteringhealth.org to request the link be resent. 

Q:  The link is not working; how can this be resolved? 

A:  The first step is to ensure that the employee is clicking on the link that was sent directly to them from Citran, as each link is personalized for the employee. Links forwarded from other KHN employees or the sample link that was sent by Incident Command will not work. 

  • If the employee has a suffix in their name or an apostrophe, there is glitch in the Citran system that is making it difficult for those employees to complete the questionnaire using the link. Please have the employee call Citran’s office at 937-340-6488 x205. They are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If employees call outside of those hours, they should leave a message and Citran will return the call as soon as possible. 
  • If the employee does not have a suffix or apostrophe in their name and are experiencing issues clicking on the link that was sent directly to them from Citran, the employee’s leaders should send the information to Nathanael.Torres@ketteringhealth.org and request the link be resent. 

Q:  If an employee needs further medical clearance, where do they go? Will they be compensated for their time? 

A:  Employees will need to go to Citran for an in-person interview/physical exam. Employees will be paid for their mileage as well as their time for the appointment with Citran.  

Citran Occupational Health 
7774 Dayton Springfield Rd. 
Fairborn, Ohio 45324 

Q:  How will leaders know where their staff is in the fit testing process? 

A:  In the time period before fit testing appointments are being conducted on their campus, leaders who have staff being tested will receive weekly reports on where their staff is in the process. The week before fit testing is on the campus, and while the testing is being conducted on campus, leaders will receive these reports daily.   

Q:  How often will an employee need to be fit tested? 

A:  Following the initial fit testing, any employee working in a department where the wearing of N-95 respirators is necessary will be tested annually. 

December 30, 2020