N95 and Goggle Distribution to Clinical Areas

Please see the details and answers to frequently asked questions below regarding distribution of N95 and goggles for clinical areas.


Stocked by Materials Management and delivered to designated units 

  • 1 – N95 mask placed in a brown paper bag 
  • Goggles – one-time supply provided to the designated units 
LocationUnitManagerDesignated BedsN95 Par LevelGoggles (One-time supply)
Kettering Medical Center5 NorthwestLisa Hill1524 bags50
5 SouthKatie Wemple2536 bags50
EmergencyKailey Tobias920 bags30
MiddletownMary Meredith418 bags22
Sycamore Medical Center3 WestAndrew Chambers3244 bags60
Emergency318 bags22
FranklinMichelle Smithson318 bags22
Grandview Medical Center4 WestTina Kilburn-Stewart2436 bags50
5 West (Ortho)Nancy Fichtner2436 bags50
EmergencyDawn Sweet620 bags30
Soin Medical Center3rd FloorMatthew Jasko3042 bags58
EmergencyRenae Ayres820 bags30
Greene Memorial HospitalEmergencyJohn Larch820 bags30
Fort Hamilton Hospital4 WestRuss Loges2034 bags48
4 MainRuss Loges3748 bags62
EmergencyJoey Brumfield620 bags30
Huber Health CenterEmergencyJay Williams318 bags22
Troy HospitalEmergencyKara Stevenson418 bags22
Southview Medical CenterEmergencyJohn Kahle418 bags22
Preble County Medical CenterEmergencyChris Straszheim418 bags22
Soin Medical CenterMaternity10 bags15
Fort Hamilton HospitalMaternity10 bags15
Southview Medical CenterMaternity10 bags15
Kettering Medical CenterMaternity10 bags15

What units are receiving kits? 

  • Emergency departments 
  • ICUs 
  • Designated units
  • Maternity

N95 Brown Bags 

  • Materials will make the kits and deliver to the designated units based on the par level determined in the table above. Kits will include: 
    • 1 – N95
    • Brown paper bag


  • Each unit will be given a set number of goggles.  
  • The goggle level will be monitored by the nurse manager and designated team member. 
  • Goggle levels were determined by the table above. 
  • Process:
    • Goggles are to be cleaned by the unit between users.
    • Use the purple top Sani Wipes to clean between use.

Distribution process 

  • Nurses and health unit coordinators who are on the units for the shift: 
    • During shift change phone assignments, nurse manager (or designee) provide the nurse the N95 bag and goggles. 
    • Use the documentation log “N95 and Goggle Documentation” (available here) to have the employee sign, acknowledging they: 
      • Received the N95 mask
      • Sign out goggles for the start of shift
      • Sign back in goggles at end of shift
  • Physician or respiratory therapist or EVS are coming to the unit to provide patient care: 
    • See the health unit coordinator at the nurses station. 
    • Complete the documentation log “N95 and Goggle Documentation.” (Click here to download the log.)
    • The health unit coordinator will provide the provider or employee an N95 and goggles.
    • The provider or employee will need to return the goggles when finished providing care.

Who should be receiving an N95 and goggles? 

  • N95s and goggles are for providers, nurses, respiratory therapists, nursing assistants, nurse techs, and Environmental Services workers.
  • Each person will receive one N95 per day.
  • Goggles are reusable and need to be cleaned with purple top Sani Wipes between users.  

When to choose between an N95 and PAPR 

  • Airborne with contact precautions (intubated or aerosolized treatments): PAPR or N95 mask with goggles/face shield, gown, and gloves 
  • Droplet with contact precautions: Surgical mask with goggles/face shield, gown, gloves 

What are some best practices? 

  • Recommend that you clean your goggles at the beginning of every shift and every time you remove the mask from your face.
  • Click here to view a video on how to self-check an N95 respirator.
  • If you touch your mask or goggles, make sure you clean your hands before and after.  
  • When you eat: Doff your mask by the straps, grasp mask on inside, fold in half with inside of mask facing outward, and place in brown paper when not in use. Click here to see the video.
March 24, 2020