N95 Fit Testing

Over the course of the past two years, Kettering Health has evolved into a blended N95 and PAPR organization. As a result, OSHA requires annual N95 fit testing to assure we are providing a maximum level of protection to our work force members. To complete the mandatory compliance, we ask required work force members to:

  • Complete an OSHA medical questionnaire located on the myHR and Employee Health home pages and bring it with you when you attend the N95 fit test. 
    • The questionnaire must be completed, submitted, and reviewed prior to scheduling fit testing. 
  • Complete a qualitative fit test to safely identify the brand and size of N95 respirator to use. 
    • If unable to be safely placed in an N95 respirator, staff will be declared as a PAPR only wearer. 
    • The most common reason for failing a N95 fit test is facial hair. Please make sure your beards are trimmed/groomed accordingly here

The chart below identifies work force members in the following departments who are required to complete the N95 fit test.

All patient facing employees are NOT required to wear an N95 mask. Those choosing to wear a N95 mask in recommended areas should complete the HealthStream courses “KHN N95 Donning and Doffing” and “KHN Update to Using and Storing a Mask (COVID-19)”, and then perform the fit seal check prior to wearing the N95 mask.

Questions? Contact myHR at 1-844-235-4647 or extension 70000, or by clicking the myHR button at the bottom of the intranet home page.

September 20, 2021