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Nancy Colletti Reappointed to Ohio Respiratory Care Board

Ohio Governor John Kasich recently reappointed Nancy Colletti, Respiratory Care program chair at Kettering College, to serve for the next three years on the Ohio Respiratory Care Board.

Two years ago, Nancy filled a vacant position on the board. As a member of the Ohio Respiratory Board, Nancy mostly works with inquiries or complaints from other healthcare providers or family members who have questions about the scope of practice. “It’s very humbling to sit on this board and make these decisions,” she said.

Being appointed to this board has also given Nancy a unique perspective as to what is happening in the state of Ohio regarding the advancement of respiratory therapy education. “It allows me to see what is happening and to know what other folks are doing, which helps us to better educate our students,” she said. “It’s knowing what’s happening not just in Kettering, Ohio, but what is happening in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.”

She will serve on the board until May 2020.

July 14, 2017