Network Implements New Technology for Privacy of Patient Information
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Network Implements New Technology for Privacy of Patient Information

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For patients, information about their health is extremely sensitive. Many employees and their families are also our patients who value privacy of health information. When patients have trust in their healthcare provider’s commitment to protecting their information, they will share the information needed to deliver the best care possible. Often times, having this information available allows organizations to achieve desired outcomes faster and at a lower cost.

To provide better patient care through privacy Kettering Health Network has:

  • Acquired a new patient privacy monitoring technology called FairWarning®. This technology allows easy monitoring of what is being accessed in clinical systems and by whom. Additionally, it allows for automated monitoring of activities such as:
    • Accessing family member’s medical records
    • Accessing other employee’s medical records
    • Accessing VIP’s medical records
    • Unusual access activity
  • Formed a significant partnership with FairWarning® to accelerate the reviews that surface from automated monitoring.
  • Developed a communication and education plan related to this system and related enforced policies.

In order for us to provide the best possible healthcare and keep cost down, it is essential our patients trust our commitment to protect their privacy.

To learn more about FairWarning, check out the HealthStream course titled “2016 KHN Corporate Integrity and Ethics FairWarning.”

December 18, 2015