Network School Supply Drives

Network School Supply Drives

As back to school time is approaching, many of the hospitals are collecting school supplies for the children of our own employees who need assistance with purchasing the supplies needed for their children to succeed in school.

Kettering and Sycamore are making it easier to donate! You are able to purchase a backpack at the gift shop, that is filled or empty and Human Resources will fill the backpacks and distribute to the deserving students.

Greene and Soin are collecting school supplies in coordination with the Greene County branch of the United Way.

Fort Hamilton is participating in a school supply drive for their program HOOP (Helping Our Own People). Employees are collecting supplies to donate to other employees. Request forms are also available, for those who are in need of specific supplies.

All employees are able to donate and find out more information about the school supply drives in their various Human Resource departments.

August 7, 2014