Network Weight Loss Resources

Network Weight Loss Resources

The new year brings new goals, and often these goals include healthy lifestyle changes. These network programs can help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Kettering Health Network Diabetes and Nutrition offers Fresh. This program provides 16 one-hour group sessions to help you modify your eating habits, provides personalized coaching, and gives you ongoing support to practice new skills and build confidence.

To learn more or sign up for a free information session, call (937) 401-7588.

Kettering Health Network Sports Medicine offers a variety of adult fitness and sports performance programs that are individualized for all abilities and skill levels. Specific programs include nutrition counseling with structured meal planning, adult fitness programs with personalized exercise sessions, and a metabolic efficiency program that measures metabolic rate and then designs an exercise and nutrition program for your personal goals.

For more information and to find the program that is right for you, visit

Kettering Weight Loss Solutions offers a medically supervised weight management program that integrates structured diet, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle change coaching. The program uses meal replacement with options from shakes to entrees. Participants meet for weekly group classes for support and consistency.

If you are enrolled in the network’s health plan, the coverage of bariatrics has changed for 2019, covering more of the cost of anesthesia and physician services.

StructurePrevious BenefitsCurrent Benefits
Employment2 years2 years
Diet Evaluation6 months6 months
Benefit Frequency1 per lifetime1 per lifetime
Anesthesia$1,000 max100% after deductible
Physician Services$2,000 max100% after deductible
Surgery/Facility Costs50% no deductible/OOP30% after deductible
Providers CoveredOnly Kettering Health Network Center of ExcellenceOnly Kettering Health Network Center of Excellence

For more details or to register for a free information session, visit or call (937) 433-5957.

January 14, 2019