New Call Center Connects Patients with Providers
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New Call Center Connects Patients with Providers

Kettering Physician Network is implementing a new call center to connect people in need of primary care to quick access to scheduling.

The call center allows new patients to call one centralized number and schedule an appointment with Kettering Physician Network primary care providers.

Physicians are selected based on availability, and patients can narrow the search based on fields like geographic area. They can also ask for specific qualities, such as a specialized area of care like geriatrics, or a certification like Joslin Prime.

Once a physician is selected, employees at the call center can schedule an appointment directly with the practice. This eliminates the need for patients to call multiple practices before finding an available appointment.

Patients also receive a new patient packet in the mail once their appointment is scheduled so they can get started on their journey to better health and care management.

This new number is available to anyone in need of primary care, including both employees and the general public.

If you need a primary care physician, please call 1-844-KPN-DOCS (1-844-576-3627).

October 11, 2016