New Metabolic Rate Evaluation Program
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New Metabolic Rate Evaluation Program

Are you having trouble losing weight? Kettering Sports Medicine has developed a program to help you find the right balance of diet and exercise.

Kettering Sports Medicine’s Metabolic Rate Evaluation program evaluates your metabolic rate at rest to determine how many calories your body burns, and then assists you in balancing your calories from food intake with calories used during physical activity. With this information exercise physiologists, dietitians, and athletic trainers can assist you in personalizing a plan.

“By understanding metabolic rate, patients are better able to control weight-related health conditions, prevent further weight gain, and identify balanced eating strategies,” explains Cathy Wells, Kettering Sports Medicine manager. “Metabolic rate combined with physical activity determines how many calories our body burns. We determine your resting metabolic rate by using the MedGem, which measures oxygen consumption. We will also measure patients percent body fat and analyze their diet.”

As part of the Metabolic Rate Evaluation program, Kettering Sports Medicine staff reviews current physical activity levels and assess caloric intake and then provides patients with a personalized plan of action that includes meal plans, exercise strategies for short- and long-term goals.

The Metabolic Rate Evaluation program is available at Kettering Sports Medicine at 4403 Far Hills Avenue in Kettering. Call 937-395-3905 to set up an appointment or for more information.

February 5, 2015