November Employee of the Month is Debbie Bugezia
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November Employee of the Month is Debbie Bugezia

Debbie Bugezia, Corporate Special Events, Prestige Place

When Debbie Bugezia noticed a woman wandering around Prestige Place, Debbie found out the lady was supposed to get a procedure at Sycamore.

Debbie had the lady follow her to Sycamore. When they arrived, they found out she was not scheduled at Sycamore but at another location. Debbie then had the lady follow her, while she called ahead to explain the situation.

Debbie’s motto is to never let a customer stay confused.  She consistently wants the customer to get where they need to be whether it be a facility or a department.






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Each Employee of the Month is honored through:

  • Prime parking privileges
  • Lunch with the hospital president
  • A gift basket
  • Tickets to a Dayton Dragons Baseball Game
  • Entry in annual drawing for trip to Walt Disney World
January 7, 2014