Ordering COVID-19 Test

We are pleased to announce that Kettering Lab has completed their first internal testing run today for the COVID-19 tests. This process will allow us to get results on patients being tested in under 36 hours. This will be critical as we prepare for additional patients. 

We want to thank Kacee Floyd and Jannet Ward who worked countless hours to enable us to do this internally. We also want to thank the many people and departments that worked with them to make this a reality. 

Some key points: 

  • We will run one batch a day. The batch will be run at noon at Kettering Medical Center. They will need to receive the specimens prior to 11 a.m. to be in that day’s batch.   
  • The test will be available to hospitalized patients within the network initially.  After several days of testing, we will also be providing tests, as resources are available, within our community for hospitalized patients at other hospitals.   
  • The lab has the test set up to automatically report results to the Department of Health. 
  • The laboratory will call the positive results to the units. The negative results will be called by the infection preventionists in incident command. 
  • The reagents are on allocation, which is what continues to limit our ability to test more broadly. 

Here is the current weekday lab courier schedule. We will also create a schedule for the weekend.  

  Monday-Friday (Lab Couriers)    
Location Pick Up Time Arrival at KMC 
Franklin 725 950 
Fort Hamilton* 800 950 
Middletown 835 950 
Southview 900 950 
Sycamore* 920 950 
Preble 1405 1515 
Grandview* 800 816 
 1029 1046 
Greene 910 1046 
Soin* 938 1046 
Huber 1010 1046 
Troy 1845 2005 

*Denotes locations where collection should occur for hospitalized patients. Other locations should send patients to designated units within the network where sample will be obtained. 

There will be no pickup at Kettering Medical Center since labs are collected and run at this location.

Click here to see information for completing the test.

April 7, 2020