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December Employee of the Month is Phyllis Scott

Phyllis Scott was performing her daily duties of cleaning a patient’s room, when the patient mentioned that she loved swans. Phyllis excused herself from the room and went to the linen cart to retrieve the supplies necessary to make an origami swan. She returned to the patient’s room with a swan made from towels and...

December Employee of the Month is Jack Turner

A family was grieving the loss of their child in Fort Hamilton Emergency Department. Jack Turner did not know the family but took his personal time to attend the funeral visitation. He waited in line for over two hours to extend his sympathy to the family on behalf of himself and the emergency department. This...

Jon Yslas is the November Living the Values Award Winner

Jon started a program at the cancer center to give encouragement to patients during and after treatment. Each week Jon prints inspirational sayings on magnets that patients can take home to help keep their spirits up. Jon also turns on their favorite television show when they arrive and offers help however he can. The patients...

November Employee of the Month is Debbie Bugezia

When Debbie Bugezia noticed a woman wandering around Prestige Place, Debbie found out the lady was supposed to get a procedure at Sycamore. Debbie had the lady follow her to Sycamore. When they arrived, they found out she was not scheduled at Sycamore but at another location. Debbie then had the lady follow her, while...

November Employee of the Month is Mike Emmons

A patient’s father had been in the hospital for three months. To prepare for the patient’s discharge, the family needed to pick up equipment from the VA. While at the VA they discovered they did not have a transfer board. The transfer board prevented the patient from being released and could possibly have to stay...

November Employee of the Month is Kim Donovan

Kim noticed that one of the student volunteers looked unusually sad when he was reporting to her department for his duty assignments. Kim spoke to his teacher to find out if everything was okay. The teacher told Kim that the student had forgotten his bracelet and it was throwing him off. Kim took it upon...

November Employee of the Month is Cole Strickling

Cole Strickling was leaving Grandview after clocking out for the day, when he noticed an elderly man in need of help. The man was leaning against the wall due to fatigue of roaming through the halls looking for his son, a Grandview patient. Cole helped the man by getting him a wheelchair, blankets, and took...

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