Outpatient COVID-19 Testing – Best Practice Advisory

  1. Per Kettering Physician Network (KPN) guidelines, outpatient/ambulatory COVID-19 testing should NOT be occurring. There are not enough tests currently, and conservation of test kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) is paramount. 
  2. Due to continued outpatient ordering a Best Practice Advisory (BPA) is must now be reviewed to complete the ordering process. 
  3. BPA will direct the KPN provider to discuss the rationale for ordering with the on-call Infection Control contact. 
  4. If the provider decides to order COVID-19 testing or currently have pending orders, it is imperative that data entry of COVID-19 results is correctly entered into EPIC to ensure accurate data collection
  5. Office staff should be familiar with results enter/edit function. Be sure to attach the copy of results to the order as well and scan into media. 
  6. If the provider feels that symptom severity necessitates testing, the patient should be directed to the nearest emergency department, and the provider should alert the receiving emergency department of their impending arrival. 
  7. We recognize and empathize that this may not be in your full comfort level of how one would prefer to practice medicine in normal times. We appreciate your understanding and recognition that we must make decisions in the manner that the current climate dictates.
March 31, 2020