Patient Handout – COVID-19 Self-Management Action Plan

Patients with mild or moderate symptoms of COVID-19 may be able to manage their recovery safely at home. The following outlines the information that needs to be provided to positive COVID-19 patients being discharged home. Click here for the attachment.

Effective immediately: 

A provider will determine if a positive COVID-19 patient is appropriate to be discharged and to self-manage symptoms at home. Positive COVID-19 patients may be discharged from an inpatient hospital unit, emergency department, doctor’s office, or respiratory care center. Once a provider has made this decision, it is important that patients receive the attached a COVID-19 Self-Management Action Plan (SMAP). The COVID-19 SMAP helps the patient and family monitor COVID-19 symptoms and provides instructions for what actions to take when symptoms worsen. 

As part of discharge teaching, RNs will provide the SMAP.  

Inpatient and Emergency Department RN Education Process 

For patients preparing to discharge home: 

  1.  Obtain color-printed SMAP from charge RN/HUC/or unit designee. 
  2.  Review SMAP with patient or family. 
  3.  Record in the patient’s EHR that the document was given. 
    • Add to AVS: KHN COVID-19 Self-Management Action Plan
    • Find in clinical references. 

How to Order the COVID-19 SMAP 

COVID-19 SMAPs will be available at inpatient COVID-19 designated units, every hospital and freestanding emergency department, Kettering Physician Network offices, and respiratory care centers.  

An initial order of colored copies of the COVID-19 SMAP will be provided to all the locations listed above. Subsequent copies of the COVID-19 SMAP will need to be ordered from the Kettering Health Network Print Shop using your department cost center.  

Ordering information for additional prints: 

Visit: ketteringhealthnetwork.ricohtrac.com 

  •  If you already have an account, log in as normal and order it under forms. 
  •  If you don’t have an account, you will have to request access to be able to order.

Any issues or questions can be directed to the Print Shop email: (printshop@ketteringhealth.org).

December 2, 2020