Greene, Soin

Patient Letter June 2018

We love hearing about the care you provide. The following letter came from a patient:

“She especially wanted to thank Katrina, an NA on my unit. The patient had been admitted to the unit last week and was discharged on Monday, with readmission occurring last night. She said that before her discharge, Katrina recognized that her mother’s birthday was coming up and the patient would be going home before she could celebrate with her. Katrina used the Angel Fund to purchase a singing teddy bear and small balloon for her mother. She also brought a “Smile Flower” and presented the gifts to her mom before she left. Her mom is blind but loved the gift enough to provide the bear with a special place on her bedside table at home. The patient’s daughter actually broke down in tears when telling the story, she was so touched by the compassion and caring that Katrina showed her mother.”

June 22, 2018