Pet Corner: Stop and “Paws” to See February’s Furry Friends

Pet Corner: Stop and “Paws” to See February’s Furry Friends

Cardiopulmonary Department
We continue the search for 2019’s cutest pet. Monthly, we will feature a different department and ask employees to submit a picture of their pet. One pet will be picked as the monthly winner, and in December we will all vote for the 2019 winner. The winner will receive special recognition along with a gift basket that includes a gift card from PetSmart. “Paws” and look for next month’s furry (or not so furry) friends of the Social Services Department as we pursue 2019’s cutest pet.

My human calls me: Ella
Breed: Goldendoodle
My human: Pappy J. (John)
My thoughts: “I love the taste of snow!”





My human calls me: Kitty
Breed: Cat
My human: April
My thoughts: “Why are you bothering me with this?”





My human calls me: Stryker
Breed: Golden Retriever
My human: Toni
My thoughts: “I might be old, but I am still young at heart.”





My human calls me: Bridgette
Breed: Bichon Frise
My human: Tim
My thoughts: “This is what I think of having to wear a costume on my 18th birthday—that’s 126 in dog years!”





My human calls me: 
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Border Collie
My human: Lindsay
My thoughts: “What are you eating? Can I try some?”




My human calls me: Jack
Breed: Cat
My human: Megan
My thoughts: “I can get away with anything I want!”





My human calls me: Chloe
Breed: Chocolate Beagle
My human: Val
My thoughts: “This is my happy face.”




My human calls me: Andy
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
My human: Toni
My thoughts: “Sleep is not overrated.”






My human calls me: Tucker
Breed: Cavachon
My human: Toni
My thoughts: “Anyone want to snuggle?”






My human calls me: Ollie
Breed: Mixed breed
My human: Lindsay
My thoughts: “I’m always up for an adventure!”




January’s Winner

Hazelnut and her human, Lauren R.! 







2018’s Winner

Odie and his human, Brittany!

February 12, 2019