Pet Corner: Stop and “Paws” to See March’s Furry Friends

Pet Corner: Stop and “Paws” to See March’s Furry Friends

Care Management

We continue the search for 2019’s cutest pet. Monthly, we will feature a different department and ask employees to submit a picture of their pet. One pet will be picked as the monthly winner, and in December we will all vote for the 2019 winner. The winner will receive special recognition along with a gift basket that includes a gift card from PetSmart. “Paws” and look for next month’s furry (or not so furry) friends of the Hyperbaric and Wound Center as we pursue 2019’s cutest pet.

My human calls me: Boomer
Breed: Lab mix
My human: Kelsey Y.
My thoughts: “Give me carrots.”




Our human calls us: Phoebe and Boomer
Breed: Golden Retriever and domestic cat
Our human: Jocelyn S.
Our thoughts: “When will you be petting me next?” -Phoebe
“What naughty thing can I do next?” -Tortie




Our human calls us: Heidi and Coco
Breed: Lab mix and Australian Shepherd
Our human: Lori N.
Our thoughts: “Always looking for trouble.”



My human calls me: Ozzie
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
My human: Maureen O.
My thoughts: “Can I go outside and play with the light?”






Our human calls us: Johnny and Ratty
Breed: Tabby
Our human: Lindsey G.
Our thoughts: “We can see the bottom of our bowl; it’s like you’re not even taking care of us!”

March 7, 2019