Pet Corner: Stop and “Paws” to See This Month’s Furry Friends

Pet Corner: Stop and “Paws” to See This Month’s Furry Friends

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Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center

This month, we continue the search for 2018’s cutest pet. Monthly, we will feature a different department ask employees to submit a picture of their pet. One pet will be picked as the monthly winner. Look out for a Survey Monkey survey that will come out next month where you can vote for 2018’s cutest pet! The winner will receive special recognition along with a gift basket that includes a gift card from PetSmart. “Paws” and look for next month’s furry (or not so furry) friends of Imaging Department as we begin to pursue 2019’s cutest pet.

My human calls me: Harley Quinn (Do you get it?)
Breed: Mini Australian Shepard
My human: Sunna
My thoughts: “I was named after a psychiatrist turned Batman villain. How do you think I’m going to act?”




My human calls me: Rudy, Rudyroo, Rudy Greybeard
Breed: German Shepherd mix
My human: Shannon
My thoughts: “I’m a calm, sweet, seven-year-old boy who loves all people and dogs. I will sit or lay down for a treat or a ball, but those are my only tricks. I love to cuddle, sniff the yard, and play with my younger brother.”




My human calls me: Ollie
Breed: Domestic Long Haired
My human: Anissa
My thoughts: “Finally found my furrever.”





My human calls me: Pepper
Breed: Tortoiseshell Tabby
My human: Heidi
My thoughts: “Feed me! (or else!)”






My human calls me: Bailey
Breed: Two-year-old, Gemini, carnivore
My human: Jenn
My thoughts: “I like eating peaches and apples, hiding in the bathtub, and trying to eat plastic bags. I excel at fetching hair tires and placing them on my human’s shoulder. My human says that I am amazing and much loved!”



My human calls me: Bogey
Breed: Havanese
My human: Grandparent (my daughter and son-in-law’s “baby”)
My thoughts: “No chance you can score on me! My human played for the Ohio State University. My human grandma went to OSU. These humans are big fans and so am I. Why didn’t they call me Buckeye then?”


My human calls me: Leo
Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei
My human: David
My thoughts: “Who? Me? I didn’t take my sister’s bone.”





My human calls me: Gizmo AKA Stomps, Pigster, Baby Seal
Breed: Pitbull mix
My human: Shannon M.
My thoughts: “I’m a four-year-old boy who is filled with energy. I’ll do anything for a treat. I love to run, jump, and play with my big brother. I’m a momma’s boy and follow her everywhere. When I finally crash, I snore loud.”




My human calls me: Bella
Breed: Terrier Mix
My human: Mary
My thoughts: “Sleep? What is sleep? Playing is so much better!”




My human calls me: Maple
Breed: Golden Retriever
My human: Jackie
My thoughts: “Are you going to finish eating that?”






My human calls me: Asher
Breed: German Shepherd
My human: Dyanne
My thoughts: “I am OCD about my wondrous, green, squishy ball!”





My human calls me: Lola
Breed: Siberian Husky
Our human: Amy
My thoughts: “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.”







My human calls me: Bishop
Breed: Whippet
My human: Elle
My thoughts: “Come here often?”






Our human calls us: Miss Big Eyes and Miss Lady
Breed: Calico and Tabby
Our human: Jane
Our thoughts: “We hate dogs!”






My human calls me: Charley
Breed: Lhasa Apso
My human: Tricia
My thoughts: “People think I’m cute, but I’m really a warrior.”







My human calls me: Boss
Breed: Ball Python
My human: Wendy
My thoughts: “I am a boss, but I let her take care of me.”





Our human calls us: Lucy and Oz
Breed: Japanese Chin mix and Long Hair Dachshund Pomeranian mix
Our human: Wendy
Our thoughts: Lucy: “If you would just understand that I am in charge, we would get along fine.” Oz: “Whatever you are doing, I want to do it too!”






My human calls me: Hazelnut
Breed: Pomsky
My human: Lauren
My thoughts: “I just want one more treat, then I’ll be an angel. Promise.”





November’s Winner













Rachel K and her cat, Barnabas

December 17, 2018