Pet Corner: Sycamore Medical Center Unit II

Pet Corner: Sycamore Medical Center Unit II

We continue the search for 2018’s cutest pet. Monthly, we will feature a different department and ask employees to submit a picture of their pet. One pet will be picked as the monthly winner, and in December we will all vote for the 2018 winner. The winner will receive special recognition along with a gift basket that includes a gift card from PetSmart. “Paws” and look for next month’s furry (or not so furry) friends of Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center as we continue to pursue 2018’s cutest pet.

My human calls me: Slate
Breed: French Bulldog
My human: Marilee Kelhoffer
My thoughts: “I love my human siblings and love to lick them and snuggle with them. My hobbies include stealing socks and leading my humans on a chase around the house.”


Our human calls us: Remy and Ember
Breed: German Shepherd
Our human: Alexis Headley
Our thoughts: “I am too smart for my own good. My hobbies include opening doors I probably shouldn’t, Frisbee, fetch, walk, park, ride.” -Remy
“Did you say squirrel?” -Ember


My human calls me: Paris or Pear Bear
Breed: Cat
My human: Heather Tomlinson
My thoughts: “I love to hide under the sheets and attack feet and steal socks. Do you like my picture from last Halloween with my new leg warmers?”


My human calls me: Stella
Breed: West Highland Terrier
My human: Zach Butts
My thoughts: “I’m the boss and everyone revolves around me.”




My human calls me: Barnabas or Barn Barn
Breed: Seal Point Sphynx
My human: Rachael
My thoughts: “I know where you sleep.”




My human calls me: Pumpkin Pie Pugginstone
Breed: Half Pug, half Papillion
My humans: Devin and Ava Harris
My thoughts: “To catch a pumpkin you must be the pumpkin.”




October’s Winner

Merlin and his human, Ashley Leyes! 


November 8, 2018