Phase 1 Contingency for Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Dedicated COVID-19 Patient Care Units

Dedicated means that HCP are assigned to care only for these patients during their shift.  These units will house all patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. Patients who have tested negative for SARS COVID-2 should be moved out of the COVID unit until discharge. Isolation precautions will be reverted to their appropriate clinical diagnosis. Patients who are clinically well enough for discharge home can leave with a COVID-19 test still pending with instructions to self-isolate at home and the health department must be notified.  Upon exit the patient should wear a mask. 

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 will remain on the dedicated unit until discharge unless they require a higher level of care. All testing should be done on unit, if able. 

PPE used by the HCW should be donned prior to going into the patient room and includes the following 

Gloves, gown, regular mask, eye protection (face shield or goggles) 

For patients undergoing aerosol generating procedures the required PPE include: 

Gloves, gown, PAPR or N95 mask with eye protection (face shield or goggles) 

Due to limitations on PPE supplies the following protocol applies: 

  1. Gloves and gowns are changed upon exit of each patient room. 
  2. Surgical masks and N95s are disposed of when visibly contaminated, otherwise are used for the entire shift.  If the mask is pulled down, hand hygiene is performed both before and after touching the mask. 
  3. During breaks – the mask is stored in a paper bag for reuse after the break. 
  4. Face shields and goggles are used throughout the shift and cleaned at the end of the shift with a sani-wipe and stored in a central place to be available for other staff to use. Masks and eye protection can be worn at the nurses station; staff should exercise the utmost care to not contaminate their hands by touching these items. 

RT are dedicated to the floor and follow the same PPE protocol as above. 

All nurses, therapists and physicians assigned to the COVID unit will don scrubs at the start of the shift and doff them at the end of the shift.  Rooms for donning and doffing the scrubs will be provided on each unit. 

Ancillary staff such as phlebotomy and Xray will change into and out of surgical scrubs and use PPE when entering the patient rooms 

Non-essential staff and consultants will stay out of the COVID unit.  Remote consultation should be considered where feasible (nutrition etc) 

Food and drinks will be brought to the COVID unit so that staff remain on the unit for the full duration of the shift. 

Linen and biohazardous containers will be stationed at key locations.  

All trash will be disposed of in red bag waste. Sharps will be placed in the Sharps container  

Initial COVID-19 Designated Units 

Kettering Medical Center: 

  1. 5NW – Phase 1, 15 beds 
    • 5NW patients now go to 2W, 5N, 5E, 5W 
  2. 5S – Phase 2, 25 beds 
    • 4 negative pressure rooms 

Sycamore Medical Center: 

  1. 3W – Phase 1, 12 beds (Rooms 21-32) 
    • 2 negative pressure rooms 
  2. 3W – Phase 2 (to be used if 1-12 are occupied), 20 beds (Rooms 1-20) 
    • 2 negative pressure rooms 

Grandview Medical Center:  

  1. 5 West – 24 beds 
    • Neuro/trauma now go to 6100 

Soin Medical Center: 

MedSurg 3 – 30 beds 

  1. 3 negative pressure 
    • Post cath patients now go to MedSurg 5 

Troy Hospital: 

  1. All confirmed positive or PUI will be transferred 

Southview Medical Center:  

  1. All confirmed positive or PUI will be transferred 

Greene Memorial Hospital:

  1. All confirmed positive or PUI will be transferred 

Fort Hamilton Hospital:  

  1. 4 West – 20 beds 
  2. 4 Main – 37 beds 
    • 1 negative pressure 
    • Neuro/Trauma now go to 5 Main 
March 19, 2020