Physician Credentialing

Dear Colleagues: 

We are continuing to monitor all resources as this pandemic unfolds. As health care providers, we are in uncharted waters, and many of us are being asked to step out of our personal comfort zone.  

As you may be aware, Kettering Health Network has consolidated services in our surgical units. We have kept OR times available at all our trauma designations. This may require you to perform surgeries at locations you may not be familiar with, or more importantly, at which you may not have privileges. In addition to our procedural (surgeons, etc.) providers, we are asking all our medical staff to evaluate their skill sets and assess their current privileges at their location of practice as well as other facilities. This is essential in the event that you have to cross-cover services that may be out of your primary area of practice. 

The Central Credentialing Office (CCO) may reach out to you about acquiring emergency privileges at other facilities for you to continue to provide care to our patients. 

The process is online and has been streamlined. We encourage each one of you to evaluate the possibility of cross-cover and complete the credentialing forms that are necessary. 

Please note these privileges are deemed emergency and are time-limited. We feel this will help expedite the process and assure that our patients are well taken care of. The emergency privileging will be evaluated daily and will revert to the normal process once this crisis has been averted.  Thank you all for your dedication, sacrifice, and hard work now and always.

March 24, 2020