Plasma Donation Process

This is an update to the plasma donation process that will now be supported by Kettering Health Network (KHN) for all positive patients, not just Kettering Physician Network (KPN) patients. 

A KPN certified nurse practitioner (CNP) will be completing the prescreening process for all applicable KHN in and outpatients. The algorithm for the process is below along with some information for physicians and advanced practice providers for review. Please note the CNP will write all necessary orders for further testing. Using the letter template below, the goal is to get this in MyChart as applicable, and others would be sent by mail. 



I sincerely hope that you are recovering and feeling better after your recent diagnosis of COVID-19.  As you may know, there is some evidence that plasma obtained from recovered patients such as yourself may help when given to another seriously ill patient suffering from the same condition. Health care facilities in the Dayton region are hoping to build a supply of this plasma from individuals who have recovered from this infection.   

This process is confidential, and we will not know whether you have chosen to participate. 

If you are interested in learning more, or want to inquire about donating plasma, then please call (937) 762-5839 to complete the prescreening process. If you are determined to be an eligible donor, we will provide instructions on contacting the Community Blood Center to complete the donation process.  

We at Kettering Health Network continue to wish you well-being and safety.   


Jeff Weinstein, MD 

Medical Director, Infection Control and Prevention 

Kettering Health Network  


April 13, 2020