Pre-Procedural COVID Testing in Elective Procedural/Surgical Cases

With the increase in spread of COVID-19 cases in our community, we would like to remind surgeons and other proceduralists that when scheduling elective cases, allow at least 48 hours for the patient to undergo COVID-19 testing and have the test results prior to the date of the surgery/procedure. The primary goal is for all elective cases to have COVID-19 testing prior to the date of the surgery/procedure. 

The only un-resulted cases that will be allowed to proceed that are scheduled within 48 hours of the procedural date will be emergent and urgent cases after discussion between the surgeon/proceduralist and the anesthesia provider. All emergent and urgent cases will be reviewed, and feedback will be provided where needed. 

Elective cases that are inpatient are to be scheduled at least one week in advance to allow COVID-19 test results and more importantly, check bed availability. 

This will be effective November 25, 2020 

November 24, 2020