Prepackaged Saline Flush

A recent national recall by Cardinal Health has resulted in a restriction of 10ml prepackaged Saline Flushes available through our normal vendors. Kettering Health will need to move to Conservation Mode for prepackaged flushes for the foreseeable future. Please be aware of this shortage and conserve product when clinically possible. 

We will continue to monitor this situation and may need to transition to an alternate workflow should product availability continue to be restricted. This workflow will include the following: 


  • Spiked 1-liter bag 0.9 NaCl in Med Rooms (pulled from unit stock). Dated and timed with a 24-hr. expiration from time of spike. 
  • Secondary IV tubing (dated and timed for 24 hr.) 
  • 3-way IV stopcock with Green Curos cap. KHN 900077 


  • Prepare label for syringe (these labels have been delivered to facility DON today). Date and time label to expire in 1 hour of withdraw. Must be clearly labeled 0.9 NaCl.
  • Nursing will utilize new prepackaged sterile syringe, remove Curos from stopcock, and dispose. 
  • Attach empty syringe and turn arrow on stopcock to IV line and withdraw saline. 
  • Turn stopcock off to IV line, detach syringe, and attach capped blunt needle. 
  • Cap stopcock port with new Green Curos cap. 
  • If drawing multiple syringes, replace Curos cap after final syringe is filled. 

We will continue to monitor this product for the foreseeable future and greatly appreciate your assistance in conserving our current supply. 

September 30, 2021