Provider Privileges in Areas of Need

Incident Command Center (ICC) recently surveyed Kettering Health Network physicians willing to work outside their normal area of practice. The two largest examples are anesthesiologists and emergency department providers working on in-patient units (ICU, COVID-19 units, etc.).  

As the expected surge approaches, we propose the following process:   

1) The ICC (normally the ICC physician leadership) will assign the volunteer to a given area of need. 

2) Those providers’ names will be sent to the Medical Staff office of the respective hospital for expeditious privileging of the provider for the given assignment. 

3) Once privileges are granted, the provider’s name will be forwarded to Medical Informatics (Julie Gedart) to expeditiously add the Epic security setting for the additional privileges.                          

4) A separate e-mail will be coming later to explain how the physicians who will be using Epic In-patient module for the first time can access approximately 50 minutes of e-learning on basic Epic In-patient navigation.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Charles Watson DO, FACOOG 
Chief Medical Information Officer, Kettering Health Network 
937-914-7361 X-47361 

April 10, 2020