Greene, Soin

Pursuing the Best Patient Experience

-by Erica Schneider, vice president of Patient Care

We continue to focus on our mission to provide the best clinical care and experience for our patients and community. We started on the 4DX journey in March of 2017 to improve our patient experience. Our success is measured using the patient’s survey responses, which is heavily focused on improving communication. After nine months, the results and testimonies are evidence that the strategy and execution is on point and will continue to improve as we move forward.

We’re extremely proud of all that has been accomplished for our patients through this journey. The compassionate and excellent care given to our patients is a direct reflection of our outstanding team. As we move forward in 2018, our journey to improve the patient experience will continue. There are certain things we can do every day that help us communicate better with our patients and in turn helps them feel hopeful, trusting, and connected to us. This connection helps the patients during their hospitalization and beyond. Let us renew our commitment to improving every encounter, with every patient, every day.

March 12, 2018