Quality in Focus

Dear Sycamore Family,

A couple of challenging questions for us at Sycamore to ask ourselves include, “Are you good at doing what you’re doing?” and “How do you know?”

Working in health care, those are important questions. At Sycamore, quality is in our DNA. It is the way we go about everything. It is much more than a metric of comparison or a destination to be reached. It is the way we live and go about our business. We take it personally and seriously.

As we start 2019, it is time to look at where we are performing well and make some “resolutions” as to where we can improve. Finishing 2018, we have a few metrics of which to be proud:

  • Sycamore achieved all four of its key quality targets as stretch! Each year we select a few metrics that will drive our action plans.
  • Notice the C. difficile change over the past four years. Wow! That consistent improvement is the result of everyone working together. 
  • Sycamore earned 100 percent of the reimbursement incentive on our payments from Medicare related to quality for 2018.


As we focus on 2019, we will continue to make patient care quality and safety part of our everyday conversation. Thank you particularly to Jenny Green and the team that tracks the metrics, conducts our investigations, follows the best practice research, and helps train all of us. We live, sleep, and breathe quality. That is why we can say with confidence, “We are good at what we do! And we can prove it!”

Great organizations get better. We can improve and are committed to that focus for 2019. Thank you for your role in driving quality.





Walter Sackett
Sycamore Medical Center

January 31, 2019