Kettering Physician Network

Question for the Kettering Physician Network President

We received our first Question for the President this month. Check out the question and answer below. As a reminder, we created this section to address questions that team members may have for George Lewis regarding Kettering Physician Network. Questions may be submitted at any time to

Question Submitted: I’ve been hearing a lot about urgent cares lately. Is Kettering Physician Network planning to expand our urgent care services?

Answer: At Kettering Physician Network, we are very interested in expanding our access to care for al patients and as part of that, we are evaluating our expansion of urgent care services as a part of  broader analysis of programs and services to meet the growing needs of our diverse patient population. Some examples of improving our access is the expansion of primary care hours (to include more evening and weekend hours), additional locations, and additional providers. Our Years Ahead facility is a great example of a new program that we created to improve access to our patients over 55. As plans for new services or programs are finalized, we want our team to hear them first, and will share updates through this newsletter.


January 25, 2019