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Record Participation in 2018 Pulse Survey

Thank you to all employees who took the pulse survey in December 2018, helping us evaluate how effectively we involved teams in the action planning process. The results are in, and thanks to you, we had record participation. More than 8,300 employees shared feedback, and we reached a participation rate of 68.9 percent.

We continued the trend of strong engagement levels that began with the full survey in May. Once again, we surpassed the network’s stretch goal of 50 percent, achieving 51.7 percent engaged.

We also saw improvement in questions about action planning, showing that we are getting better at engaging our teams in the process. This year, more employees agreed that leaders shared results, they were involved in the action planning process, and that action plans are helping make improvements in their department.

In 2019, we will continue growing as a great place to work by focusing on communication, collaboration, and recognition. On a network level, we will work to grow team recognition, learn from 90-day and exit survey feedback, and measure the impact and reach of internal communication to continue building a strong workplace community.

March 18, 2019