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Multi-Factor Authentication Now Live: Learn How to Register

Effective October 30, all network employees, providers, and associates who access Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 from a remote location or via a mobile app will be required to use the Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. This solution provides two authentication factors to verify the user’s identity and will help the network improve how we protect our data and access secure applications.

For international access, please submit a Kettering Access Abroad request in the self-service portal. Manager approval is required to secure international access.

Please note: Symantec VIP will continue to be used for Remote Desktop Access, Community Connect, and Home Coders. The transition to Microsoft MFA from Symantec VIP for these technologies will occur in spring 2020. More information will be shared at that time.

How will Microsoft MFA work?

Remote users have a few options for authentication using Microsoft MFA, including an app, mobile/office phone call, or text message.

Mobile app

  • Receive notifications for verification: This option pushes a notification to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet. View the notification, and if it is legitimate, select “Approve” in the app. You may be required to enter a PIN before you authenticate.
  • Use a verification code: In this mode, the app generates a verification code that updates every 30 seconds. Enter the most current verification code on the sign-in page.

Mobile/office phone call or text message

  • Phone call places an automated voice call to the phone number you provide. Answer the call and press # in the phone keypad to authenticate.
  • Text message sends a text message containing a verification code. Following the prompt in the text, either reply to the text message or enter the verification code provided into the sign-in page.

What do I do next?

If you are using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app as the contact method, download the app from the App or Google Play store and install it on your device.

Where can I learn more about registering for Microsoft MFA?

Click here to watch a short instructional video created by Microsoft that explains how to register for MFA. You can also find more information and additional training resources on the Microsoft MFA Training Resources Intranet page.

Who should I contact with questions?

Click here to email your question to Information Security, or call iSupport at (937) 384-4500 or ext. 44500.

December 2, 2019