Reprocessing/Disposal Instructions for N95 Masks

Kettering Health Network has developed a reprocessing system for N95 masks.  Providers are asked to follow this procedure when done with their mask after each shift:

 Disposal of N95 for Reprocessing

  • Go to nearest designated Dirty Utility Room  
  • Place N95 Mask in bin marked “Used N95 Masks Only”  
    • If the mask is dirty with visual soilage (bodily fluid, blood, or makeup) you must dispose in bio container within Dirty Utility Room
    • Do not put in bin for reprocessing 
  • Place brown bag in Dirty Utility trash can  
  • For soiled: Dispose in biohazard trash 

Do not put brown bags in bin for reprocessing 

April 9, 2020

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