Resuming Surgical Scheduling on May 4 within Kettering Health Network

As you know, the governor indicated that hospitals could resume elective outpatient procedures that do not require an overnight stay as of May 1.  In accordance with the governor’s latest order, Kettering Health Network will resume elective outpatient procedures that do not require an overnight stay on May 4. We will also continue to perform essential surgeries and surgeries requiring an inpatient stay based on pain or potential interference with activities of daily living if delayed.  The Surgery Review Committee will continue to review all cases to ensure compliance with the governor’s order. 

We will be allowing surgeries to be scheduled at the following sites

  • Kettering/Specialty Surgical Care (SSC)
  • Sycamore
  • Grandview
  • Southview
  • Soin
  • Fort Hamilton
  • Troy
  • Endoscopy/(GI) Gastroenterology units will continue to be open at Kettering, Fort Hamilton, and Grandview and we will accept OP cases only at Soin and Sycamore. 
  • All operating rooms that are open will have call teams available to manage emergency cases.
  • Outpatients should be scheduled beginning May 4.
  • Rooms will be scheduled for 10 hours each day. We are limiting weekends to the urgent and emergent cases only so that we have sufficient staff to manage running the rooms each day until 5 p.m. 
  • First case on-time starts will be monitored to optimize the hours available each day.
  • A release time of 2 weeks for most blocks will be initiated. (If a block has not been filled at least 2 weeks prior to surgery, the block will be released.)  This will apply to the majority of services, with the exception of cardiac. 
  • Students and residents will continue to be limited in the rooms.
  • Vendor representatives will not be allowed in the room unless the surgeon is aware and indicates that they are required for the procedure.
  • Surgery scheduling is open and accepting FAX as well as Electronic Case Requests. 
    • Please continue to use the current scheduling form.  We will be modifying it at a future date.
    • At this time, we are not accepting phone calls.
    • If the case was previously scheduled, please alert the staff so it can be pulled from the depot.
  • Preadmission (PAT) staff are working to recall patients already scheduled and to call those who were not previously scheduled.
  • PAT clinics will be operational at each site as they were prior to the closure.
  • Scripting for patients scheduled for surgery will include:
    • Only one support person may come to the hospital with the patient
    • Patients/support persons are encourage to bring their own masks.
  • Pagers for families will be available as well as text pages in the event they want to stay out of the hospital during the procedure. 
  • Currently our supply chain can handle the volume of cases, but due to changes out of our control, there may be some substitutes to the current products available. 
  • Separate information will be forthcoming from the Incident Command Center regarding consents and testing.  
April 29, 2020