Safety First Product Update: Do Not Discard Empty Oxivir Spray Bottles

This update applies only to areas where Oxivir Tb Solution Spray Bottles are currently distributed to define the distribution and collection process. Kettering Health Network continues to provide and adjust supplies of Safety First cleaning and disinfectant products to all areas. 

Par levels have been set and confirmed with each area’s manager/director. If Par levels need to be increased, please speak with your manager to escalate through incident command. 

 The Oxivir Tb bottles will be filled at the central location of Kettering Medical Center and sent with sprayer tops via courier twice weekly to: 

  • Free-standing emergency departments 
  • Ambulatory care 
  • Radiology areas 

The Oxivir Tb bottles must be kept in staff-only areas and not in patient areas. The Oxir Tb product does not require locked storage. 

Do not discard empty Oxivir Tb spray bottles.  Empty bottles must be returned to Environmental Services at Kettering Medical Center to be refilled.  

Once empty, please keep sprayer tops in place on bottles, and bring empty bottles to a designated collection bag in the soiled utility room or area. 

Label the collection bag with the facility name so that Environmental Services can monitor for accurate par levels. 

June 1, 2020