Safety Practices Update Effective June 3 

Kettering Health continues to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases requiring hospitalization and the percentage of vaccinated individuals in the community and organization. Based on this ongoing assessment, Kettering Health will evaluate safety practices put in place during the height of the pandemic.  

Effective June 3, the following restrictions will be removed at all Kettering Health facilities:  

  • Bottle fill stations will be reopened for use. 
  • Staff will be allowed to bring in food from outside the unit.  
  • Keyboards removed from nurses’ stations may be returned.  

As a reminder, all team members are still required to wear masks in our hospital and patient care areas. Department managers should reach out to their campus plant engineering team first to request the return of keyboards. If plant engineering was not responsible for removing the keyboards, please reach out to your local campus IS team.  

Thank you for your teamwork to safely reopen and resume normal operations in the wake of adjusting COVID-19 conditions. 

June 3, 2021

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