Screening Temperature Process

Since the deployment of the new infrared thermometers last week, Incident Command has received reports of concern regarding variance in temperature readings and where the temperature is taken on the body.   

Effective immediately, please follow the updated screening temperature process below:  

  • When taking temperature, the thermometer should be one to two inches from behind the ear lobe.  
  • The most accurate read will come from behind the ear lobe. The forehead should not be used.   
  • If taking the temperature of an individual with longer hair, please ask that they move their hair so you can get an accurate read.   
  • If you still receive a low reading, please gently wipe the surface of the meter with a Sani-wipe. Ask the employee to step to the side and wait 90 seconds, then attempt to retake the temperature.   
April 8, 2020

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