Seleste White Earns Living the Mission Award
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Seleste White Earns Living the Mission Award

Congratulations to Seleste White, who earned the Living the Mission Award. Seleste works in Speech Therapy at Fort Hamilton Hospital.

The Living the Mission Award is given to people who bring the network’s mission to life, demonstrating the sacred work of improving the quality of life for people in the communities we serve. They use their own time and resources to transform lives, whether that’s at a network location or out in the community. Seleste was nominated by a fellow employee, and her nomination is as follows:

“For the last three years, Selestse has had a goal of forming a support group for stroke survivors. Within the Hamilton community, this service has not been present. Seleste has been determine to provide this service to the community as many of our patients either lack the transportation or don’t want to leave the community for this type of support. She has taken her own time to do research and communicate with experts around the country to find out what is needed to begin this type of program. Over the last year, she has continued to push this initiative forward, gaining momentum as Fort Hamilton has pushed for primary stroke center certification. She has garnered support from the necessary stakeholders and created a team and structure that is conducive to sustainability for this type of service. Seleste has spoken with past patients to notify them of the service and identify individuals that would be interested in assissting with the group as well. Seleste begins the initial stroke support group in June and has worked through ll of the details and logistics to make it happen. This is a service that is needed in this community and Seleste identified this years ago and has remained persistent to its need.”

July 24, 2019