Shift Definitions Changing March 7 for Grandview System

Grandview Medical Center System has historically had different shift definitions than other Kettering Health Network locations, which creates challenges when team members are asked to help at other facilities. 

Effective March 7, we are moving to align Grandview Systems’ shift start and stop times. Two “grace period” exceptions that currently are only in effect in Grandview System will also be phased out at that time. 

Why is this changing?

As an organization, we are committed to working together as a collective network team. The current unaligned pay practices make it difficult for other team members to help at Grandview Medical Center system facilities, and also make it difficult for Grandview Medical Center system employees to support teams across Kettering Health Network: 

  • Differences in report times produce scheduling complexity and confusion
  • Differences in shift starts drive unaligned process timing
  • Differences in pay calculations drive miscommunication and dissatisfaction


  • Please read the full GV Shift Definition Alignment FAQ available through myHR. The FAQ includes scenarios of how this alignment may affect you and will answer many of your questions.
  • If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, reach out to your department leader to understand how this is impacting your area, and whether this will impact your shift start and stop times.  
March 2, 2021