Southview Adopts Family for Holidays

Southview employees were honored this holiday season to adopt a family through Touching Moments, a non-profit organization located in Huber Heights dedicated to providing emergency necessities to families in need such as cash, clothing, and food.

The family chosen by Southview included a young mother of four small children with significant health issues, who is taking care of not only her own children but also an adult sibling with special needs. The family received over $1,500 in gifts, gift cards, and cash donations. Children received toys as well as clothes and cold weather items.  The family as a whole received kitchen items, new comforters for everyone, and grocery gift cards.

“What has been so amazing is that staff members have thanked me for ‘allowing’ Southview to adopt this family,” said Becky Lewis, Southview senior vice president. “They loved doing it!”

February 4, 2015