Summary of Kettering Health Network Guidance for Placement of Patients

The safety of our patients and staff remain paramount as we continue to face the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This document provides consistent guidance for the room placement of patients being ruled out for COVID-19, those positive for COVID-19, and those rare few who refuse to be tested.  We continue to recommend that all patients wear an isolation mask whenever a staff member, provider, or visitor is in the room with them.

  1. Patients positive for COVID-19 should all be housed on one of the KHN designated units.
  2. Patients under investigation for symptoms (PUI) of COVID-19 should all be placed on a COVID unit while awaiting final test results.
  3. Non-PUI patients are placed on a regular unit while awaiting results of the PCR test. During this time the use of an N95 mask by staff and providers is optional per KHN IC guidance.
  4. Non-PUI patients who happen to have a positive PCR test result should be moved to a COVID unit.
  5. Patients who refuse testing should be educated by nursing and providers that the test is intended to keep them, their loved ones, and our staff safe.  If they continue to refuse testing they should be placed on a COVID unit if a bed is available.  If no bed is available then they may remain on a non-designated unit but staff will use N95 masks, eye protection, gown, and gloves.  These patients may not have visitors.  Staff caring for such patients may take care of other patients on the unit per their usual assignments.
July 17, 2020