Summer of Wellness Challenge Returns for 2019
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Summer of Wellness Challenge Returns for 2019

Jump start your summer with the Summer of Wellness Challenge for 2019!

This year’s Summer of Wellness is centered around the environment. Throughout the summer, we challenge you to be more conscious about not only your body, mind, and spirit but also the space that you have created for yourself.

We will be kicking off the month of June by focusing on mental health.

According to, the average American spends about four hours on their phone each day. That means we are spending a little over two months glued to our devices throughout the year.

Create a positive space for your mind by reducing your social media/media use in your daily routine. Try limiting your time on social media to one hour per week.

By participating in one of the following challenges, you could be eligible to win a wellness related prize. One winner for each challenge will be randomly selected every month.

Challenge 1: Submit a Photo

Take a photo to track your progress toward better health and send it to by June 30th. Each photo counts as one entry into our raffle drawing.

Challenge 2: Track Your Journey

Start developing healthy mental habits this June by tracking your progress. Just choose a template that best fits your needs and then start tracking your growth. At the end of the month submit your tracker sheet to for a chance to be randomly selected to win.

  1. Log Off and Live On: Do you know how much time you spent on your phone today? Did you stay within your one hour per week media limit? Log off from your digital life and spend more time being present. Keep track of the time you spent on your phone for that day using. Click here to download the tracker for this challenge.
  2. More Time for More Fun: Take this extra time that you would have spent on social media to enjoy the day. What have you been able to accomplish today? Write down the activities that you were able to participate in because of logging off. Click here to download the tracker for this challenge.

Be sure to look out for some helpful tips and techniques to manage your mental health for the month of June!

May 31, 2019