Summer of Wellness for August: Mind
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Summer of Wellness for August: Mind

We are entering the final month of Summer of Wellness, and we encourage you to take care of your mental wellness throughout August.

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Find a healthy practice that benefits your mind. Try to go a week without checking your phone before bed, or learn a new skill. Broadening your horizons by trying something new or even changing your day-to-day routine might be just what your mind needs.

Submit a photo of you strengthening your mind by using the form on for a chance to win a prize!

Bonus Challenge: Stay Hydrated

Water can make a huge impact on your everyday health, and sometimes mental health can be improved by staying hydrated and eating brain-healthy foods.

Use this tracker throughout the month of August to see how well you’re staying hydrated. At the end of the month, send a scan or image of your completed tracker to for a chance to win one of many gift cards.

July 28, 2016