Summer of Wellness: Jump into June
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Summer of Wellness: Jump into June

We are kicking off this year’s Summer of Wellness with mental health to emphasize the need to first keep our minds well to make our body and spirit well.

Managing stress is one way to develop better mental health. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, stress affects everyone, and it is important to manage stress levels to prevent long-term stress that can harm your health.

By participating in one of the following wellness challenges you can be entered to win a prize of your choice* and learn to better manage your stress.

Challenge 1: Submit a Photo

Just take a photo that illustrates what wellness means to you and send it to by Monday, July 2. One participant will be randomly selected to win.

Challenge 2: Improve Your Wellness Through Challenges

Choose one of the two options bellow to improve your mental health throughout the month of June. If you have already mastered one, work on the other option. If you find that you already do both, choose the one you would most like to improve.

  1. Enjoy Life: Take time for yourself each week—Whether that is taking devotional time, enjoying a favorite hobby, arranging for a day to relax, getting out of town for the weekend, enjoying the great outdoors, or anything that makes you enjoy life.
  2. Ease Stress: Find ways each week to actively manage or ease your stress—this can be different for each person. It can mean developing a detailed schedule, making plans further in advance, going outside more, or waking up 10 minutes sooner to avoid traffic. You could choose to focus on one stress managerial technique, or find ways to incorporate smaller stress-relieving practices throughout the month. Whatever you choose, stick to it for the month of June to decrease your stress and improve your mental wellness.

Click here to visit the Be Well website and download the trackers.

Submit to Win

Send in your photos or your challenge tracker to

BONUS: June is a special month to kick-off Summer of Wellness because June 5-11 is National Sun Safety Week! As a bonus challenge, we encourage you to get outside during that week and safely enjoy the benefits of the sunshine by using sunscreen.

Be sure to look for next week’s k-news email to get some helpful tips and techniques to manage your mental health and enjoy safe sun exposure.

*Prize options are available upon employee request and Kettering Health Network approval.

May 31, 2018