Surgery/Procedure COVID-19 Consent, SmartPhrase, and Clinical Documentation

Per Ohio Department of Health statement, providers must inform their patients that are undergoing procedures of the increase risk of complications they may encounter, especially in the post-operative recovery phase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional language has been added to the general KHN consent form to address this.  Providers must also document in their note regarding their conversation with their patients addressing the potential increase of complications.  A SMARTPHRASE has been developed for your use. 

Please document in your History and Physical, your clinical judgement regarding the essential need for the procedure/surgery.  If the patient requires an overnight stay, please also document the need for the surgery/procedure regarding pain, activities of daily living, or harm if delayed. 

The smart text is: .hospital covid exposure risk.  The current bridge H&P note also has been amended with a smart phrase as well. Click here to see the attachment.

This is for surgery patients that will be COVID-19 tested prior to their procedure.  Please remind patients that they must self-quarantine from the time of their test until they arrive in the facility for their procedure.

April 29, 2020