Sycamore Celebrates New Hyperbaric Chamber

Sycamore Celebrates New Hyperbaric Chamber

Civic leaders, Kettering Health Network executives, and staff from the Wound Healing Center at Sycamore celebrated the opening of the new 12-person, multi-place hyperbaric oxygen chamber on April 21 with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony.

This state-or-the-art, hyperbaric oxygen chamber measures 25 feet in length with a 10-foot diameter. This is the largest diameter chamber in the state of Ohio. The chamber is equipped with ergonomic seats for patient comfort and has the ability to dive patients to 165 feet in depth. Inside the chamber, medical attendants accompany patients during each treatment.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an option for treating certain wounds that won’t heal. Patients lie or sit in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber where they receive 100% oxygen. The chamber is pressurized which helps more oxygen to be absorbed into the bloodstream, which carries it to the wound. The chamber stimulates new blood vessels and tissue growth, improving the wound healing process.

June 11, 2014