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Take the Employee Engagement Survey June 14-28

We’ve made a promise to our patients and our communities that we will help them be their best. To deliver on that promise, we need to build a workplace culture that helps us serve at our best individually and collectively. Your feedback on the engagement survey helps us find our strengths and opportunities.

For the first time, this year’s engagement survey will also include questions from the safety survey. This new model will make it easier for our employees to share their feedback by reducing the number of surveys and the time it would take to do them.

As we resume our standard survey schedule, we want to remind you that your feedback is vital for us to continue to grow and build a great and safe workplace culture. You share, we listen, and together, we grow stronger.

How to share your feedback

  1. All employees of Kettering Health hired on or before May 3, 2021 are invited to take the survey except for providers, APPs, Work-Study students, and contract employees.  Employees hired after May 3 will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their 90-Day survey when they reach 90 days of employment. Provider engagement is measured through the Provider Engagement Survey, which was conducted in January of this year.
  2. Visit
  3. Access the survey using your unique password. To make it easy to remember, this is set to be your five- or six-digit badge number without the “k”. Note: The survey is confidential. Your unique log-in is only used to help sort the data into relevant groups, like departments. Results are not reported in groups less than five, so no single response can be evaluated.
  4. Answer the questions in the 10-15 minute survey to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to help us continue improving as a great place to work.
June 14, 2021