Test Smoke Alarms This Sunday
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Test Smoke Alarms This Sunday


Through our support of the American Red Cross and its Home Fire Campaign, Kettering Health Network has become acutely aware of the severity of America’s greatest disaster threat: home fires. We care about you, and we want to ensure you are as safe as possible from these everyday disasters.  Please remember to test your smoke alarms when you turn back your clocks this Sunday, November 6th (end of Daylight Saving Time).

If your smoke alarm is yellowing in appearance or is many years old, please replace it with a 10-year smoke alarm.  They are very inexpensive and don’t have to be changed for 10 years! For additional tools and resources, please check out the helpful information provided by the Red Cross on this website.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Laura Shepherd from the Red Cross at (937) 221-7521 or by email at laura.shepherd@redcross.org.  If you know someone who doesn’t have a smoke detector and needs one, please have them call (937) 221-7540 to set up an appointment to have a free one installed.

November 2, 2016