The 360-degree Leader

Dear Sycamore Family,
As we celebrated Thanksgiving 2018, there were many things upon which to reflect and count blessings. At our Sycamore Medical Center campus, we are making progress in patient safety, adapting our services to the future, and maintaining an energized team of staff that consistently delivers high-quality, compassionate care. Thank you for your great work!

One cohort of leaders that really impressed me as being “rock solid” and that I rely on to live the organization’s values are our middle managers. These are the “360-degree leaders” who have to take the ideas, strategies, and direction from above and develop, train, and direct teams that do the hands-on work every day. These leaders get direct input from our customers, physicians, and patient families. They get input from network leaders, service line leaders, and campus executives. Therefore, we say they are in the “middle”—they get the full circle.

Most of these leaders who have a department, service, or unit to manage are responsible 24/7, 365 days a year. Even when they are on vacation, they are expected to leave things in order so that they maintain operation while they are gone.

One of the key reasons Sycamore is an exceptional performer (top 100 in the U.S.) as recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review in the medium-sized hospital category, is the strength of our middle management team. These managers and supervisors are amazing at taking our dreams and aspirations and translating them into reality. This year as I count my blessings, these “360-degree leaders” are at the top of my list.






Walter Sackett
Sycamore Medical Center


December 17, 2018