The D.A.T.E Review: Dayton Athletic Training and Education

The D.A.T.E Review: Dayton Athletic Training and Education

Have you ever wondered what an athletic trainer does? Courtney Powell of Dayton Sports Medicine Institute gives you a look at what it means to work in this profession.


What do athletic trainers do?

Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers work under the direction of a physician as prescribed by state licensure statutes.

Athletic trainers are trained in: prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries like sprains and tears; use of CPR and AED; manual therapy; recognition and treatment of concussion; recognition of cardiac arrest; heat stroke; cervical spine injury, and much more.

Where do athletic trainers work?

Athletic trainers can work in a variety of settings, including educational institutions (middle schools, high schools, colleges/universities), professional and amateur sports organizations, hospitals and clinics, corporate workplaces, military, police and fire departments, or performing arts organizations.

At Dayton Sports Medicine Institute, located in the Yankee Building on Southview’s campus, the 17 athletic trainers work in eight local high schools, four local YMCAs, two county Career Centers, Public Safety Department, and with the Dayton Dutch Lions semi-professional and youth soccer league.

What education do athletic trainers receive?

Athletic training follows a medical-based education model. All athletic trainers must graduate from an accredited baccalaureate program. More than 70 percent of athletic trainers have a master’s degree or higher.

Athletic training students are educated to provide comprehensive patient care in five domains of clinical practice. They are trained in prevention, clinical diagnosis, emergency care, and rehabilitation. They are also fully trained to provide organization and professional health and well-being.

December 12, 2016

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