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The Results Are In: Employee Engagement Survey 2018

Thank you to all employees who completed the employee engagement survey in May. Because of you, we achieved the network’s highest participation rate for the survey: 81 percent. This means that more than 9,500 employees shared their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how we can continue to grow as a great place to work.

We are excited to share that we exceeded our stretch goal for percent of engaged employees, reaching a total of 52.5 percent engaged. This moved us from the 67th percentile to the 81st percentile for percent engaged, which means about 500 more employees feel inspired to do great work.

What’s behind our results? 

Most employees who took the survey agreed or strongly agreed that they are kept informed of the network’s future direction. We saw a 6 percent increase in agreement this year, building on an area that was also a strength last year. We are happy to see that efforts like integrating strategy updates into Town Halls and sharing timely information about land acquisitions and building updates are helping people connect to the network’s future.

We also saw growth in another area of strength for the network: recognition. The percentage of employees who agreed or strongly agreed that our organization recognizes employees for excellent work increased by 5 percent. We made great efforts to recognize our people in the past year, from highlighting them in Hospital Week materials to increasing the number of employees of the month by 14.5 percent. We also recognized more than 1,350 employees at An Evening With Our Network Stars and honored 147 veterans and 167 graduates during Town Halls in 2017. We are excited to continue recognizing our people in 2018.

What’s next? 

The network will continue focusing on improving recognition, employee support, and communication, and a network action plan update will be shared in August. Leaders will share department-specific results over the next few months. Once strengths and opportunities are identified, teams will work together to set goals and create action plans to help meet them. Remember: your feedback fuels action. When we work together, we make a difference in our teams.

July 16, 2018