United Way Helps Our Neighbors
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United Way Helps Our Neighbors

Bay Area Food Bank Distributes Thanksgiving Turkeys To The NeedyLow and middle income workers who have spent their money on their living expenses but do not have enough money for food can get food at Shared Harvest Foodbank and the Foodbank.

Medical, eye, and dental services; wellness programs, clothing, food, and household items are available at a low-cost alternative for under-served individuals and families through the Good Neighbor House.

A family whose house caught on fire can find help at the American Red Cross.

A woman in an abusive relationship can find shelter and help for herself and her children at the Artemis Center.

Woman Reading to Kids 80295317Children from birth to age five, living in Greene County, can receive a quality book each month at no cost to them  through The Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Someone needing professional counseling, child abuse prevention, child day care, and parenting education can get assistance at Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley.

A family of a terminally ill patient can receive support and comfort from Hospice of Dayton.

These are some of our neighbors United Way and their partner agencies support.

How to pledge
You can pledge by payroll deduction, cash, check, or charge.

E-pledge is easy, safe, and the most secure method of giving.

E-pledge user name: Employee Badge Number
E-pledge password: Last four Social Security digits

Paper pledge forms are available on the Intranet home page. (Greater Dayton) (Butler County) Turn cash and check pledges in at the credit union offices, Southview Administration, Soin Human Resources, or Network Marketing at 1 Prestige Place, Suite 330.

Increase your odds:

  • $1-$2 a pay ($26-52) = 1 chance
  • $3-$5 a pay ($78-130) = 2 chances
  • $6-$9 a pay ($156-234) = 3 chances
  • $10 and up ($260 and up) = 4 chances

Reminder: You can also designate up to 50% of your pledge back to one of our hospital foundations, which provide much needed equipment, supplies, and support to our hospital campuses.

Note: A pledge of at least $26 is required to enter all drawings. All prizes are subject to federal tax regulations. Winners agree to the responsibility for all applicable taxes.

For questions contact the network United Way Employee Campaign Coordinator.

November 26, 2014